Advantages of agricultural Investment in Turkey

Definition of agricultural Investment


Turkey’s investors aim to diversify their holdings by spreading their money over a number of ventures, including real estate, retail stores, offices, and buildable land.


Through the search for farm sales in Turkey intended for agricultural investment, the fields of agricultural investment also stand out.


Investing in agriculture in Turkey is profitable. Turkey is among the nations that encourage and facilitate agricultural investment by offering a range of incentives. Whether through domestic or foreign investment, Turkey’s agriculture is one of the most significant economic resources that sets it apart from many other countries.


Turkey has been known for the success of agricultural investment factors because of the many components that make this kind of investment successful, including the abundance and diversity of its crops, the presence of large areas that are suitable for agriculture, and its location in a strategic area that makes exports easier.

Pros of agricultural Investment in Turkey

In Turkey, agricultural investment has numerous benefits that contribute to its increasing popularity.


The government’s self-sufficiency is the primary source of these benefits. One benefit of Turkey being one of the nations that encourages and develops agricultural investment and offers it a range of facilities is the abundance of vast regions that are suited for agriculture as well as the variety of crops that are available.


The presence of human factors—the availability of labor required for agriculture—as well as the alluring factors that do not discriminate between local and foreign investors are some of the other factors that help Turkey achieve many benefits for agricultural investment.


Aside from the elements that ensure investors receive their profits, there are other factors that contribute to the profitability of agricultural investment in Turkey.


These include the abundance of water sources, climate conditions that are favorable for a variety of crop types, and the availability of the newest and most varied agricultural machinery, as well as fertilizers and pesticides.

Terms and conditions of agricultural investment in Turkey

The ease of conditions for agricultural investment in Turkey is an attractive opportunity for investors in the agricultural sector:


  • Requiring agricultural investment companies to purchase at least 1000 square meters of agricultural land within cities designated by the Turkish State.


  • Establishment of a company with a capital of at least 100.000 TL, the project to be registered in the name of that company.


  • To submit a five-year feasibility study for the agricultural project to be established, which should be approved by accredited advisory offices.


  • Providing a source of irrigation by extending water lines, or digging groundwater wells within the borders of Turkey’s farmland.


  • The project should be in accordance with the Agricultural Investment Law in Turkey for foreigners.


  • If the foreign investor shares with the local Turkish investor, this gives him the right to get government support up to 50% of the value of the project.

Agricultural Investment Legislation in Turkey

By passing various legislation that give international investors the same rights and opportunities as domestic investors, the Turkish government has taken care to remove any potential barriers to investments in agriculture and forest products.


Given the availability of natural factors, the suitable climate, the fertile soil, the abundance of water, and the abundance of arable land, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has established a platform for those wishing to invest in agriculture in Turkey in order to encourage foreign investment in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Turkey produces 5% of the world’s olive crop, placing it sixth in the world for olive growing.


It is a country with a temperate climate. The most well-known hub for this category is the city of Denizli.


Apart from the fact that olive oil can be easily stored and is not impacted by export delays, olive farms in the various Turkish states offer an excellent investment opportunity because of the steady demand for their oil and the olive itself, which is one of the fruits that yields high profits.


Walnut Farmland Investment
Although walnuts don’t require as much care as some other crops, Turkey is known for its high-quality walnuts, wide variety of walnut varieties, and diverse cultivation techniques, particularly on farms designed to handle these kinds of agricultural investments. Unlike real estate or travel, investments in walnut farms in Turkey are assured, albeit they do require some time to mature. Nevertheless, they offer a varied portfolio of opportunities for the investor.


Fruits Farmland Investment
Turkey boasts a diverse range of climates that are ideal for growing a variety of fruits. As a result of the Turkish Republic’s expansion into large areas that are suitable for a variety of agricultural investments, investing in fruit farms in Turkey has become a popular option for investors. Some choose to cultivate citrus fruits, such as apples, and these investments are distinguished by the guarantee of export for Turkish fruits that meet all the requirements for successful fruition.


Hazelnut Farmland Investment
Turkey is one of the world’s biggest exporters of hazelnuts, and Turkish hazelnuts are highly regarded for their superior quality. This is because Turkey has all the necessary conditions for their growth in an environment that is ideal for all of their quality characteristics, which attracts investment through the purchase of Turkish farms. A statement released by the Union of Producers and Hazelnut Exporters in Turkey states that up to two hundred thousand tons of hazelnuts were exported.

Is it worth to Invest in agricultural lands in Turkey?

Investments in agriculture can generate profitable returns; nevertheless, there is a requirement that the project be thoroughly examined and that the feasibility studies be founded on sound principles, having consulted with experts in the sector.


Apart from experts in the real estate industry Who in Turkey provides the greatest chances for investing in Turkish farms and agricultural property, as well as purchasing land in Turkey or funding its numerous farms? Because God has manipulated fertile soil, a temperate temperature, and water supplies, Turkey is a leader in agriculture, making it one of the assets that yields a healthy profit.


It is the first nation in the world to produce a wide range of agricultural goods, including dried apricots, royal raisins, figs, hazelnuts, cherries, and more than 70% of the world’s pistachio supply.


This is within the parameters of the agriculture sector subsidies provided by the Turkish government. These all contribute to the profitability of the agricultural venture.

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