Buying a Land in Turkey

Investors looking to make new investments are drawn to Turkey’s available lands. Several forms of investing can be seen.

Today, one of the most common investment strategies is purchasing land, which is a long-term investment. 

You can look over the land listings for any of your numerous requirements, including vacation homes, investments, and farming. Sale of land The search for beaches in Turkey attracts users, particularly during the summer.

The touristy areas of Turkey, particularly the southern parts, are thought to be the best places to spend a summer.

The Process of buying a land and property in Turkey

You may come across adverts for a variety of uses in numerous locations when looking through the listings of land for sale.

When choosing from all of these ads, there are a few things to take into account.

Buying land is thought of as a long-term investment. Although the land is not yet in a desirable region, it might be quite valuable in the future.

You must therefore make careful plans. This planning process should take a number of things into consideration. The land’s position is the first of these criteria.

Land Location

The land you plan to purchase will vary depending on how you want to use it.

It is helpful to have a piece of property near the water on which you want to construct your summer home.

More importantly, though, is the land’s suitability for farming in terms of soil fertility.

You must thus first determine why you want to purchase the land. After that, as you go over the ads, you should focus on the location details.

Plot Size

The second thing you should consider is the size of the land. It is crucial that you ascertain the extent of land required to fulfill your aspirations.

When buying land, you should also check the size that was described to you and the size that is stated on the deed.

Land Status

One further thing to think about is the zoning of the land you are thinking about purchasing.

It’s possible that the property lacks a zoning plan or is unsuitable for building.

You can ask authorized individuals about the land’s zoning status in order to be ready for such circumstances.

How is The Land Price Determined?

The values of lands in Turkey fluctuate depending on a number of factors.

Prices are determined by the size, attractive qualities, and location of the land in relation to the province, district, and area.

Among the crucial elements influencing price are whether the piece of land for sale has a suitable topographic structure, how close it is to recreational places, and whether it is connected to other streets and major roads.

Can a foreigner buy land in Turkey?

In Turkey, foreigners are allowed to own land and real estate in their own names, provided that the properties are situated in towns rather than villages, rural areas, or military zones.

Having stated that, the property must be situated inside the boundaries of the municipality that exists in the area where it is located.


So foreigners can buy a land in Turkey based on the below conditions:

  • The  land is not close to any sensitive military installations.
  • Not having an agricultural project during the two years that you haven’t owned agricultural land
  • Additionally, the ownership of more than 300,000 square meters of agricultural land is prohibited for foreigners.
  • In every location, the percentage of foreign-owned land should not be greater than 10% of the total area of the region.

Where is the cheapest place to buy land in Turkey?

Among the cheapest places in Turkey for buying a land are Denizli, Manisa and Ordu.



In recent years, Denizli’s real estate market has grown steadily as a result of the purchase of several homes by investors. The city is a desirable alternative for both inhabitants and investors due to its central location, which provides quick access to other significant cities in the area. Additionally, Denizli is a desirable choice for people seeking a more cheap investment due to its comparatively low property costs when compared to other nearby cities like Muğla and Izmir.



Manisa is less expensive than its neighbors because of its remote location in the Aegean Region’s inlands. Manisa benefits greatly from its proximity to Izmir, including university students and other benefits. Manisa, with its unique heritage, is a working rural community that is primarily focused on agriculture and farming. Therefore, the city has many benefits over its drawbacks, and it is anticipated that the value of its real estate will rise over time.



Since forestry, fishing, and agriculture make up the majority of Ordu’s economy, these industries may not be as established as they are in other areas, which explains why property values there are not as high. Prices are lowered in Ordu since the real estate market is not as active as in other areas. Furthermore, there can be an excess of available properties in the neighborhood, which would further drive down costs.

Is it smart to buy property in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey is highly recommended. The nation’s economy is booming, its population is youthful and expanding, and it has an abundance of natural resources. Plus, it’s a secure marketplace. The cost of living is comparatively low, and the country’s economy is expanding at a pace of about 2.8% annually.


Around 70% of Turkey’s GDP is generated by the services sector, which is the main driver of the country’s economy. The tourism sector is expanding quickly as well because more individuals are visiting Turkey on a daily basis. It is understandable why so many travelers would want to travel to this nation with its stunning beaches and historic ruins.

Will buying a land worth 250K$ earn a foreigner the Turkish citizenship?

Yes, without a doubt, as purchasing a property for $250,000 satisfies the prerequisite for applying for Turkish citizenship through a property, regardless of whether it is a house, business, or piece of land. It should be emphasized, though, that the amount we will pay for the property should be included on the title at the same value. Additionally, be wary of the actions taken occasionally by certain landowners, such as registering fewer people in order to lower title deed registration charges or lower profit taxes.



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