Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum and maximum size I can invest?

According to Turkish law, foreign investors can invest a minimum 10,000 square meters which is 10 Donums. And the maximum a foreigner investor can invest is 250,000 square meters which is 250 Donums.

Do I own the land?

When you invest in our walnut farmland in Turkey, you will own the land with a 100% freehold title deed, giving you full ownership and control. This ownership is inheritable, allowing you to pass on the land to your heirs or beneficiaries.

How do I check my farmland while I am abroad?

MKN Group is dedicated to providing you with regular updates on your walnut farmland investment in Turkey through monthly and annual reports, as well as offering assistance whenever you visit your land. We prioritize transparency and open communication to build strong relationships with our clients.

What are the facilities at the project?

As part of our commitment to ensuring the success of each walnut farmland project, MKN Group provides a management farmland that includes essential features such as a water pool and solar panel system. These features not only improve the efficiency of the farming process but also reduce expenses for our clients.
To ensure the safety and security of each project, the land is fenced to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the crop. Our team closely monitors the farmland to ensure that it is properly maintained and that the farming operations are conducted in a professional and responsible manner.

How can investors be assured of the security of their investment in this model?

At our company, we offer free-hold real estate assets that generate high income, providing investors with a secure investment opportunity that focuses on the land’s security, production, management, and returns.
Our farmlands are 100% free-hold, ensuring that there are no charges or debts associated with the property. We also implement modern farming techniques and have extensive experience in the field, resulting in a 100% success rate in all our projects. Soil and water tests are conducted to ensure that the land is suitable for cultivation before releasing it for sale.
We take security seriously, and our expert agriculture engineers, management team, and labor force utilize high technology machinery and professional farmland management software. We ensure that our clients’ investments are protected and managed responsibly.
Investing in Chandler walnuts, which are known for their high quality, offers a secure return on investment. With a 60% supply shortage in the domestic Turkish market, wholesale buyers are always available as soon as the harvest is complete. In addition, walnut prices have been steadily increasing in recent years, providing an opportunity for higher returns.

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