Definitive Guide To Farmland Investment in Turkey 2024

One of the investment instruments that offers good inflation protection is agricultural land.


Properly placed agricultural investments have consistently offered strong inflation protection.


To put it another way, investors were pleased since the value of agricultural land climbed faster than inflation.


A comprehensive analysis conducted by a research firm from 1960 to 2012 revealed that agricultural areas provide inflation protection.


The study finds that in nearly every time period, the value of agricultural lands has increased more than the rate of inflation. As a result, you can be certain that any agricultural property you purchase or an orchard you plant will appreciate in value faster than inflation.


But keep in mind that you must make your investments in a competent manner for this.


Constructing a home on agricultural property involves a complex process with prerequisites. The lands designated as agricultural are those that do not currently have a building permit.


The primary guidelines are:


-To build a house, the land must be at least 5,000 square meters.
-The building area of the house cannot be more than 250 square meters or more than 5% of the total land.
-A road’s facade must be present on the land.
-The land needs to be fit for construction.
-The structure can have no more than two stories.


If you want to build your own house in Turkey, the land with a building permission will be better. There’s no shortage of benefits to creating your own home. More personalized design, arranging your money to stretch longer times, and having a new home in accordance with your future needs can all contribute to building your own house as a sensible choice.

Advantages of Farmland Investment in Turkey

• Increasing Need and Rising Demand

The population of the planet is understood to be growing daily. However, because of development, agricultural fields are becoming smaller.

The demand for agricultural products is rising as a result of this circumstance. Positive developments in the economic value of agricultural products are a result of increasing demand.

Minimal Volatility

If you make the correct agricultural investments, your income will fluctuate less. Regarding professional farming, the annual figures you receive won’t undergo any significant modifications.

You can better plan your investments when there is less volatility. It also considerably lowers the likelihood of receiving unfavorable surprises.

Consistent Revenue

Should the farmland be handled by experts, you’ll be paid on an ongoing basis. You can make money from agricultural land just as much as you can from renting out real estate.

Furthermore, you’ll make a lot of money if you employ the proper strategies.

Due to the benefits outlined above and the inflation protection, you can also invest in agricultural land.

The investments you will make with the assurance of MKN Investment Group will meet your expectations in general. You can get in touch with us right now for more specific information.

Why Choosing Turkey For Agricultural and Farmland Investment?

Turkey offers excellent soil and weather, making it a great place to invest in agriculture. Turkey is a prominent producer and exporter of a wide range of products, such as tea, figs, hazelnuts, apricots, cherries, olives, and tobacco.


We at MKN Investment Group give investors the chance to make good returns on their farmland investments in Turkish cities. Our staff comprises seasoned experts who offer all-encompassing assistance to guarantee that investors may optimize their agricultural investments. Our group helps investors with a range of tasks, including finding the greatest agricultural investment prospects and growing them to generate the highest returns.


We extend an invitation to global investors to benefit from Turkey’s profitable agricultural investment opportunities. You may quickly grow and benefit from the Turkish agriculture investment market with our team’s assistance!


Agriculture-related compromises account for about 23 percent of Turkey’s GDP. The properties situated in the active farming zone are becoming more well-known and in demand as a result of growing demand from both domestic and foreign investors.


In several regions of Denizli and Antalya cities of Turkey, we have recorded a tremendous increase in the value. Data from prior years indicates that the price of farmland has been rising by roughly 20% annually. This makes projecting the future of farming in the chosen locations simple.​

Can a Foreigner Buy an Agricultural Land in Turkey?

A legitimate project for the future agricultural land must be presented in order for a foreign buyer to purchase agricultural land in Turkey.


The law stipulates that foreign buyers of agricultural land must provide an agricultural proposal two years following the purchase process since some foreigners use their land for alternative reasons.


Livestock husbandry and the production of agricultural products are the main uses for this agricultural enterprise. The landowners may benefit greatly from either of these two options.


Money bag in hand with fields of crops in the distanceThe location is a crucial consideration when purchasing agricultural land. T


he property cannot be adjacent to restricted or military zones. Also, land purchases by foreigners are limited to 300,000 square meters. Therefore, before making an investment in land for sale in Turkey, extensive study is required.


The agricultural land is regarded as a facility used on a daily basis. Therefore, the agricultural land owner needs a proxy who is a Turkish citizen. Obtaining official documentation and participating in yearly business operations in Turkey require it.


Purchasing agricultural land in Turkey is a difficult procedure to handle on your own, particularly if you lack knowledge. It is made up of difficult, protracted phases that require no prior experience. So, getting advice from a reputable real estate company is highly advised.

Turkish Citizenship By Farmland Investment

Through the purchase of any kind of real estate, the buyers can obtain Turkish citizenship. Permission, however, may be required in a few different circumstances.


The most recent law states that the following authorizations are required:

authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry if the property is agricultural land
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism or the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change must grant authorization if the property is located in a protected area.

The governorship of the region must give permission if the property is located in a “Special Protected Area.”

Turkish Residency By Investment

Any kind of property owner in Turkey who satisfies the legal conditions for a residential permit may apply for one.


Having a Turkish citizen proxy for the required agricultural project is also waived if you hold a residence permit or are a citizen of Turkey.

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