Farmland Management in Turkey

A comprehensive approach to the strategic planning, care, and administration of agricultural land is known as farm land management.


But it’s crucial to understand the difference between farm management and agricultural land management.

Farm management, also called “field management,” is primarily concerned with the farm’s day-to-day operations at the ground or “field” level.


Farm management services are centered around practical, hands-on agricultural tasks such as:


-Selecting which crops to grow.
-Putting planting and harvesting schedules into action.
-Directing the administration of labor and equipment.

On the other hand, land management, or farm land management, focuses on safeguarding and managing your land asset.


Services for managing farmland include:

-Evaluating the optimal way to use the land.
-Using sustainable methods
-Managing relationships with tenants, including lease negotiations and renewals
-Ensuring adherence to tax laws and environmental requirements
-Handling real estate taxes
-Supervising land improvements that can raise the value of your property

Goals of Farmland Management in Turkey

  • Mitigating risk entails guarding your investment in agriculture against possible losses.


  • Enhancing and preserving your assets is important if you want to keep your land productive and valuable in the long run.


  • Producing annual returns: You want to achieve a healthy return while maximizing the farm’s profitability.


  • Encouraging environmental stewardship means minimizing the environmental impact your farm has on the surrounding ecosystem in order to ensure its viability in the future.

Reaching these goals  necessitates weighing risks and potential earnings while accounting for both short- and long-term sustainability.

Types of Farmland Management in Turkey

There are three ways you can manage your farm as a new proprietor or owner.


Your choice of route will rely on your level of experience, personal preferences, and desire for daily operational involvement:


-Take charge of the land and work with a specialized farming service

Hire a company that oversees agricultural land.

-Join forces with an experienced farmer who is capable of managing the land and running the farm.

Hire a Professional Firm to Manage Your Farmland in Turkey

Hiring a land management company that specializes in maintaining your farms as an asset is an additional choice. Land management businesses will oversee either custom agricultural operations or the lease agreement, but they will not be physically involved in farming operations.


Hire MKN Investment Group to manage your agricultural assets and farmlands in Turkey.


  • Your farm property is an asset that needs strategic control from a land management business to make sure all of your operations are in line with your larger goals.


  • MKN Investment will bring expertise from the field as well as tried-and-true methods.


  • Regular income will come from a variety of sources, such as leasing agreements (with either set or yield-dependent rent) or, in the case of custom farming, crop sales.


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