Guide To Getting Turkish Citizenship by Farmland Investment in Turkey 2024

Obtaining Turkish citizenship comes with a variety of possibilities. Investing in agricultural land is one of them.


Investing in agricultural land might provide you Turkish citizenship, subject to certain requirements being fulfilled.


What then are the prerequisites for becoming a citizen of Turkey? Is it correct for everyone to take pleasure in this? The remainder of our post contains the answers to these queries as well as other information regarding gaining Turkish citizenship.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Agricultural Investment?

2018 saw the implementation of new laws pertaining to foreign nationals’ ability to get Turkish citizenship. These statutes grant them the chance to apply for citizenship if they invest $400,000 or more in Turkey.


They can obtain Turkish citizenship if they fulfill this requirement.


The following are the standard prerequisites for becoming a citizen:
• Make a minimum of $250,000.
• Prepayment; • Guarantee that the investment won’t be sold or transferred for a minimum of three years


You can invest $250,000 or more to become a citizen of Turkey.


Furthermore, this right applies to you as well as to your spouse and any children under the age of 18.

Advantages of Agricultural & Farmland Investment in Turkey

Obtaining Turkish citizenship with agricultural land will provide you with different advantages.


One of these advantages is to benefit from the Turkish health system free of charge. As is known, the Turkish healthcare system is highly developed. Providing quality medical education and investments in the field of health can be shown as the main reasons for this situation.


The healthcare system here is completely free. Yes, even in the most developed countries of the world, you can benefit from health services completely free of charge, while health services are paid.


Being able to benefit from the Turkish healthcare system that accepts patients from different countries of the world free of charge during the Covid-19 epidemic will make you feel safe.


Another important advantage is that you have taken one more step towards world citizenship. By obtaining the citizenship of many countries, you can become a world citizen and benefit from the advantages offered by the countries. You can get one step closer to this goal by obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Agricultural land investment can bring you Turkish citizenship, and it can also cause you to earn significant gains. Agricultural lands in Turkey have been gaining in value in recent years. Even if you do not take any action on these lands, you can get much more than the money you invested after 3 years.


But when you cultivate the land, you can be sure to earn even more than that. You will have the opportunity to make the best use of Turkey’s feature of being an agricultural country.

Agricultural Land Investment & Management

You can invest in agricultural land in Turkey and get citizenship while earning passive income from the land.


You may make a profitable investment out of the land you purchase with the help of Invest MKN Investment’s services.


We, as MKN Investment, first see to it that you purchase arable land. We plant an orchard of almonds, walnuts, olives, or pistachios based on your request.


We start by analyzing the soil to choose the best kind of sapling. After that, we build the irrigation system and encircle the property.


We also use a solar-panel-based solution to address the issue of electricity. To put it succinctly, we create your garden from the ground up.


We take care of the upkeep after your garden is ready. Our team of highly skilled agricultural engineers oversees the execution of tasks like fertilization, irrigation, and pruning.


After a few years, we provide you the net profit after selling the goods we harvested from your garden at the greatest price. As a result, your land investment will increase in value and generate passive income for you. Furthermore, you will receive far more passive money than you anticipate.


You can get in touch with us right now if you want your agricultural assets to generate a sizable revenue stream for you to gain Turkish citizenship.

Who is Eligible?

In order to qualify for Turkey citizenship by investment program, the main applicant:

  • Has to be at least 18 years old 
  • Must have never stayed illegally in Turkey
  • Must pay the taxes and costs for the process

And below are the required documents:

  • Birth certificates of all the applicants
  • Passports of each applicant
  • Residence Proof (Recent utility statement)
  • Biometric, colored passport photos of each applicant
  • Marriage certificate (optional)
  • Death or divorce certificate of spouse (optional)
  • Proof that all the applicants have a clean criminal record
  • Proof of Health Insurance (valid in Turkey) 
  • Proof of investment of $400,000 into a Turkish bank account or lawyer’s client account
  • Turkish Tax ID Number (necessary)

Feel free to contact us for the feasibility study of walnut farmlands in Turkey