Should you Invest in Walnut Farmlands in Turkey?

Among the most precious agricultural crops in the world are walnuts. The walnut is valued because it is used in many different contexts and is in high demand. Beyond their function as a crop, did you realize that walnuts may be utilized as an investing tool? You did indeed read it correctly. With the correct techniques, you may transform your walnut gardens into a highly profitable investment instrument. These benefits are also available to you with Invest MKN Group’s professionalism.

Throughout the world, walnuts are a fruit of significant commercial worth. You can get passive income from the walnut gardens you create by employing Invest MKN Group’s expert garden management services.

Agricultural Investment in Turkey

For many years, Turkey has been characterized as an agricultural nation.


Due to the region’s varied temperatures and rich soils, agriculture has grown in importance. The agricultural sector’s contribution to the GDP remains steady at around 7%.
Turkey is the seventh-most productive country in the world for agriculture.


It is predicted that in a short while, it will rank among the first five nations with developed policies and agricultural assistance.


By doing this, you can be confident that your agricultural investment will yield far better long-term benefits.

As for walnuts, it will be seen that Turkey is among the world’s leading producers. There is a significant amount of production.


However, a producer such as Turkey is forced to import walnuts due to the strong domestic demand. Consequently, selling the walnuts that grow is not a problem for walnut growers.


The great demand for walnuts and their commercial value make growing walnuts an appealing crop.


The following are some more noteworthy benefits of growing walnuts:

• Strong demand in Turkey and abroad

• Products are only being produced four years after the seedlings are planted.
• No market issues; • Quick payback of the first investment; • Excellent efficiency

The cultivation of walnuts is quite appealing for the reasons that have been described here and elsewhere.

One may also consider the production of walnuts in terms of financial diversification.


To reduce the dangers, it’s critical to assess some of your agricultural assets. It’s also common knowledge that in Turkey, the value of agricultural goods and land always increases faster than inflation.


For these reasons, you can also make investments in the walnut farming industry.

Cost of establishing and maintaining a Walnut Orchard

The price of growing walnuts is one of the major concerns. For the investors, the quantity of money needed for the site acquisition, the creation of the walnut garden, and other activities is crucial.


It would be incorrect to discuss a precise number in this context. Considering that the numbers could vary based on the ideal land area.


Nonetheless, it can be said that the average price to build a walnut garden on a 1 hectare plot of land is $75,000.


This figure depicts many processes, including wire-turning the soil, building an irrigation system, and setting up a power and solar panel system.

We, at MKN Investment Group, handle the full installation process on your behalf.


We also take care of the walnut garden we set up for you, including its upkeep and harvesting.


We also handle the revenue transfer and the sales of the acquired goods. As a result, growing walnuts becomes an investment for you rather than a farming endeavor.

Profitability of Walnut Cultivation

One highly profitable industry is the growing of walnuts. Four years later, if everything is done correctly, you will begin to harvest from your garden.


The desired level of productivity will be reached by your seedlings when they turn 10 years old.

In the fourth year of operation, a walnut garden covering one hectare can yield an average of 875 kg of walnuts. After ten years, you would have produced up to 5,250 kg of walnuts annually from your garden.


These walnuts have a $19,000 return on investment. You can turn a profit every year up to the specified amount after this point. Please get in touch with us right now if you wish to make such a beneficial investment.

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