Walnut Farms in Turkey

Turkey has a well-established walnut farming industry, particularly in the province of Denizli, which has the ideal ecological conditions for walnut growth.

A walnut orchard investment has grown to be a very popular agricultural investment as part of a farm land investment portfolio because of the significant revenue benefit.

Since we grow our own premium seedlings, the combination of our experience and the most cutting-edge nurseries ensures the quality for our appreciated investors.

Walnut Farmland Investment in Turkey

It is one of the most significant economic sectors in Turkey. One of the few nations in the world to have attained food self-sufficiency is Turkey.


Some of the factors affecting this sector:

  • In Turkey, agriculture accounts for 6.1% of the GPD.
  • In this industry, 20% of the workforce is employed.
  • In terms of total agricultural output, Turkey ranks seventh in the world.
  • In terms of dairy output, it is also among the top nations.
  • 150 billion dollars’ worth of agricultural production will be made overall.
  • The value of agricultural exports will top $40 billion.
  • Instead of 5.4 million hectares, there will be 8.5 million hectares of arable land.
  • The country with the most fish farms will be Turkey.
  • The country will rank in the top five in terms of agricultural output.

Investment in walnut farms draws more and more investors for a variety of reasons.


  • Walnuts are in high demand both domestically and abroad.
  • Once it reached its maximum output capacity, the high return on this investment might exceed 25%.
  • Production rate. Walnut trees begin to produce in their fifth year after being planted, and they achieve their optimum output potential at the age of ten.
  • When compared to other fruits, walnuts are simple to keep.
  • Maximum production capacity is ensured by cutting-edge infrastructure and qualified land management services.

MKN Investment Group offers comprehensive services can assist in finding the greatest walnut land farms investment in Turkey.


The following considerations should be given top priority when selecting the partner who will maximize your investment return


  • Reduces and guarantees dangers. The reputable businesses will offer genuine assurances regarding the administration of the land and obtaining maximum output capacities.
  • The ability to build a sophisticated infrastructure, which helps the investment succeed.

The fact that walnut land investment is unaffected by the political and economic conditions in Turkey makes it one of the safest real estate investments in the nation.


Investment in a walnut farm in Turkey is a long-term strategy that offers the best rewards.

Why Investing with MKN Investment in Turkey?

Using the centennial expertise that we have inherited from our forefathers in the agriculture industry, we will handle your precious agricultural investments in Turkey.

Making sure we select “the right product for the right land” is the first step in the trip.

Following that comes the tedious process of cultivating the soil, planting, caring for your product, and harvesting. We are extremely lucky to live in Denizli because it boasts some of Anatolia’s most fertile soil.
As soon as possible, we want to “provide your harvest” from “perfect orchards.”


By making an investment in walnut orchards, you can leave a lasting legacy for your family’s future generations.

Over time, the investment yield will rise, and starting in year four, you’ll start to make money.

You can expect a maximum annual return of 25% on your investment starting in the eighth year, which is also the maximum yield period. With MKN Investment Professional Garden Maintenance Services, enjoy first-rate Management and Maintenance.

How Walnut Investment System Works?

The investor obtains full title deeds transferring ownership of the entire stake to him or her.

MKN Investment offers the investor all pertinent services, including all legal transactions.

The best time to sow almond, pistachio, walnut, or olive seedlings is when the weather is most favorable.

A professional agricultural engineer completes all activities (tillage, irrigation, maintenance, and trimming) during the cultivation.

The first harvest will mature starting in the third or fourth year, signifying that it has finished growing and is prepared to produce.

MKN Investment sells the produce at the highest price attainable, and the funds are given to the investor.

What Does The Price Include?

On acreage with these trees, a digital water irrigation and fertilization system, security gates, cameras, energy grid connection or solar panels, water drilling or a water canal, a water pool, storage, and a labor house are common assets that we sell as freehold managed almond and walnut farms.


Our investors own every item on the property. We also have factories specifically for our investors.

Chandler Walnut

Researchers at U.C. Davis created the Chandler Walnut Tree, an English-type walnut. One of the most popular commercial types worldwide is the Chandler walnut. A Chandler walnut tree bears very heavy crops of oval-shaped, smooth nuts that are medium to large in size and of exquisite quality. Late September is when Chandler walnuts begin to ripen. The Chandler Walnut Tree requires over 1000 cooling hours and is only moderately vigorous.

Root stock systems are often developed based on the specific local walnut orchard circumstances. It takes a walnut tree three to four years after planting to begin producing nuts that can be used. A walnut orchard can last for more than 100 years on average.

Walnut Investment Feasibility Study

Chandler Walnut Farms gives investors the chance to enter a lucrative and expanding sector because of its long-standing reputation for producing the highest quality walnuts. Walnut prices have increased dramatically in recent years, and Chandler cultivars are highly prized on the international market for their outstanding quality and size.


Feel free to contact us for the feasibility study of walnut farmlands in Turkey